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Cats and Babies Social Media

Cats and babies are probably the two most popular things on social media. They can be cute and funny and have bad spelling that everyone laughs at... But as a business owner, you constantly hear they're the type of thing you should be avoiding. They're a huge time suck. Should you really be avoiding them if they can make you sales? That's right, these silly videos can make sales for your business. If you read my last email you'll know that the right ratio of content to sales messages is 4 to 1. And these silly cat and baby videos are often the perfect type of content to send to your audience to keep them engaged and associating you with the stuff they like. So how can you get the best content for your Social Media channels without wasting hours of precious business time? Use Social Engage. Social Engage will : 
  • Engage your audience, fans, and followers in conversations
  • Accelerate your fan growth
  • Post content that resonates with your market.

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