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Holidays Are Big Business

No matter what market you're in - holidays are big business. On pretty much all major holidays, you can bet Social Media is on fire talking about it. That can be a big sales opportunity for you. Build relationships automatically But you have to be careful not to look like you're using the holiday as just a sales gimmick. Your Social Media followers will call you on it and it can turn into a PR nightmare. The trick to avoiding that minefield is to put out lots of holiday related content that has no sales message. But unless you want to spend 8+ hours a day on Social Media, you're going to need a high paid, salaried, Social Media Manager to do the work for you. Or if the thought of hiring someone for $40k+ a year makes your stomach churn...something *like* a Social Media Manager. Something like "Social Engage". A new service provided by SocialAdr that works like your very own Social Media Manager, but for a fraction of the price.
Social Engage will :
  • Engage your audience, fans, and followers in conversations
  • Accelerate your fan growth 
  • Build relationships on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and more)
  • Post content that resonates with your market And when it's a holiday, you'll get holiday-related content done for you. You don't have to remember when Flag day is to get some extra sales out of it.

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