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Social Media is Amazing Place

Everyday you hear grand claims about how this person or that person is making money from their art, or podcast, or home-made jewelry, and it's all thanks to Social Media.
They are so thankful, because they don't know how to market something, and don't have the money to do it anyway; so Social Media is their knight in shining armor that gives them a place to "make a living".
Stories like these make you believe Social Media is this amazing place where people will just give you money for whatever it is you like doing... And it's completely free.
"It's not..."
I hate to burst the bubble and sound like a Negative Nancy, but Social Media is far from free. There is a huge time cost. And you should ask yourself what your time is worth.But don't confuse what your time is worth with how much you get paid at your job... It's not the same thing. I'm a fairly new father, but I can tell you spending time with my kids is worth 100 times what I make in an day... or in a year. And the hundreds of hours you need to spend on Social Media to grow an audience that knows and trusts you enough to buy from you is time better spent on other things.
That's why I've avoided Social Media... until now.
Finally, there's a way to get the brand building, buzz creating, sales driving power of Social Media without spending the time on building it yourself.

"We call it Social Engage"

Social Engage will :
  • Activate all your social profiles for you 
  • Engage your audience, fans, and followers in conversations
  • Accelerate your fan growth * Build relationships on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and more)

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