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The secret to Social Media Success

It's been said time and time again that 99% of businesses use Social Media wrong. And although that percentage might not be totally accurate, I'm sure we can all agree that MOST companies are doing it wrong. You know the ones I'm talking about... The companies you only see updates from when they're having a "sale", they're posting a coupon, or they're announcing their latest and greatest product. Like anyone cares. Do you want to know how to do Social Media right? How to really engage your audience, create a relationship and still make sales.

It's a simple formula

4 to 1

That's the amount of content you should post compared to sales messages.
4 posts about your audience's interests, and 1 post mentioning something you've got for sale. It's the ideal ratio to remind people you care about what they care about, while not letting them forget you're a business. ...Assuming you've got the time to dig around blogs and forums to find the stuff going viral in your niche. It's not like you've got a business to run or anything :)

What's that?
You do have business to run?
You don't have all day to goof off on Twitter and Facebook?

Than you'll probably be interested to hear about Social Engage. A new service from SocialAdr that will do the time consuming Social Media work for you.

Social Engage will:

  • Engage your audience, fans, and followers in conversations 
  • Accelerate your fan growth
  • Build relationships on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and more)

    This way, all the time consuming people pleasing has already been done, and you're primed to sell; without your potential customers getting in a huff about how often you promote your stuff.

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